Riley's Rockin' Art

Roster on a turtle back
I think this was a creative picture. I glued the roster and cut it out on the turtle back, I drew it.

I weaved with different texture soft,sparkle texture.

I stamped the bee and flower down on the paper and drew a stem

Stary moon
Stary moon is opposite was made with pastels

Snow with penguins
For the snow I added paper with texture there is one fat penguin and one skinny penguin. I colored them with water color pencils and put water on them

These jellyfish were made with water colors, and salt for texture. The colors used were complimentary colors of warm and cool colors. The Middle jellyfish is both warm and cool colors.

It was made with shaving cream, and watercolors. I made the lines around the white spaces.

Homemade picture frame with Rainbow Painting
Made with popsicle sticks, paint, buttons, flowers, and a string

This is a butterfly on a flower with a tree in the background, and that is why it is littler. Made with acrylic paint. Also side of the canvas is painted.

Fruits and vegetables with shadows and light made with green, and blue pastels.